Giving is not only the obligation, but the glad privilege of every believer. Both the obligation side and the privilege side are needed to have a balanced view of Christian giving.

The obligation side of giving is the debt of love I owe to God for all the benefits He has given me daily. As James said, “ever good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights in whom there is no shadow of turning.” Which is a poetic way of saying God is a faithful giver and provider of all good things.

The privilege side of giving is twofold. One, it is an honor to give, because it is when I give that I am most like God! Second, it is a joy to claim the promise of Jesus when He said, “Give and it shall be given to you,” which means, you can’t out-give God.

The Bible, clearly and forcefully teaches that Christians are to give a weekly tithe and offering to the gathering of believers they attend. Giving is apart of each worship service at The Gathering because this the biblical model as well as the method God has chosen for each of us to support our church.

The biblical model of giving can be described in three words, consistent, proportionate and willingly.

  1. Consistent in that we give on the first day of every week.
  2. Proportionate in that we give as God has prospered us. We believe that the beginning of giving is the tithe (10% of income) and moves up to the offering.
  3. Willingly means that God loves it when we give with gratitude, joy, and anticipation from a willing heart.

Again, giving is an obligation and a privilege. The decision of how much you give is between you and God. We don’t nag people about giving, and we do not seek or keep financial records on anyone, except to provide you an accurate record of your giving for tax reporting purposes.

All offerings we receive are used to cover the expenses of The Gathering including rent, equipment, staff salaries, production expenses and the like, and to support reputable interdenominational Christian ministries chosen by our church leadership (link to list?).

From time to time we also receive offerings for specific projects such as our youth programs, The Gathering 4 Soldiers ministry in support of U.S. military personnel overseas, community service efforts, and emergency disaster relief.

We also accept online gifts. To reach our secure contribution page, click here, or on the Donate button.

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